Passionate About Inspiring Others

"Every person that makes a decision to build their own business does so with the earnest desire and intent to see it work out well. Rarely does anyone make the decision to join an opportunity with a failure mindset or an agenda to purposely not make it. Yet, an incredibly large number of those who chart the course for success wash ashore, shipwrecked. What starts out as a promising venture ends quickly in disappointment, discouragement, and opportunity demise. Granted, this is par for the course and part of the business natural selection process, but there are those who get blindsided and never see it coming. I know that every well-prepared and equipped new network marketer can potentially avoid the early mental landmines and blind spots that are inevitable. With all of the promises that your opportunity can deliver to you, your family, and your future you owe it to yourself to survive through the pivotal early stages to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. With so much at stake, you cannot afford to not read this guide or take advantage of the resources on my site. If there is only one thing that allows you to survive and then thrive, it would have been worth it, don’t you think?"

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Jay Maymi has been involved in motivational work for 25 years. His life and business experiences have allowed him to motivate and inspire thousands. He has addressed businesses, churches, colleges and industry colleagues, with some audience numbers reaching over 100,000. He resides in Westchester County, NY with his wife Ivette and three children.

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