"Jay Maymi has written an excellent primer for beginning Network-Marketers and Direct Sellers. His chapter on ‘Master the Words’ is worth the entire book, but you’ll get so much more from the other chapters as well. I highly recommend this book!"
--MJ Durkin, known as North America's Prospecting Coach and Author of "Double Your Contacts"

"This book can only be written by someone doing it!"
--Bill Mitchell, Executive Vice Chairman, World Financial Group, Cincinnati, OH

"This book was highly impressive and tailor made for me and my team. My wife and I read through it and we feel it will help tremendously in the future of our business. It will also be mandatory reading for all teammates as of this date. The book addresses everything we go through and need to know all in one place. You are really inspiring!"
--Lenny Curcio, SMD, World Financial Group, Middletown, NY

"Jay has a unique style of introducing practical thoughts which can be applied immediately into your organization. His many years of being in the trenches have taught him valuable lessons which you will be blessed to learn through reading this book. In our world of independence and self-reliance, Jay poses an insight on how to minimize your mistakes and maximize your learning curve. As a minister and fellow networker I found Jay’s spiritual understanding to be very inspirational giving great perspective that there is a God that desires for us to be successful."
--Rev. Frank Hines, Founder of Charity Wellness Center; Visalus Promoter, Boston, MA

"If I was venturing into something new that involved both risk and reward, I would want to minimize my risk and maximize my reward. This book will do just that! It will guide any network marketer past the initial stumbling blocks and onto a massively successful business career."
--Chris Philippi, Co-Author of "Create The Business Breakthrough You Want"

"This book was well written with a lot of great and informative ideas. I like how Jay integrated personal stories and experiences."
--Ed Kast, Ossining, NY

"After reading many books, this book has cut to the chase. It was well thought out and written, not to mention honest, realistic and encouraging. This will help the new business owner to get a sense of ‘this business’. It's a must read for any person joining any organization."
--Chris Castro, World Financial Group Associate, Hoboken, NJ

"Jay Maymi's book is a powerful read! It gives you the feeling that you have a coach with you going through each chapter." 
--Jana Woodhouse, Senior Marketing Director, World Financial Group, New York, NY

"This is a MUST READ for anyone in the professional sales business. Excellently written! I'm looking forward to the German translation."
--Thomas Berghammer, Organo Gold Distributor, Germany

"With a team of growing motivated business builders, I appreciate the simple honest “down in the trenches” teachings of Survive and Thrive. It was written by someone who has obviously gotten dirty by experiencing the trenches himself.

How many new Network Marketers make the mistake of trying to build their business on their own?. I appreciated the chapter “Milk Your Mentor”, this should be a teaching stressed to all new recruits on how to take advantage of the skill sets, knowledge and expertise possessed by their mentors.

I laughed all throughout the chapter “Employee versus Employer Mindset” to think that people actually come into this industry still possessing the employee mentality drilled in with 12 years of Public School Education. I appreciated Mr. Maymi’s tips in how to develop an employer mindset-- perhaps this is one of the biggest hurdles one has to overcome as they come into this industry.

I appreciated the chapter “Discipline Your disappointments”. Our team has lost many a member because they couldn’t deal with the road blocks that got in their way. Mr. Maymi shares so simply how to hand your disappointments with the 4 “its”--Get over it! Move on with it! Deal with it! Snap out of it!

This book is now on my recommended reading list for all New Team Members. It could be used as a supplemental Distributor Guide for Success regardless of company affiliation or industry."
--Gail Davis, Executive Coordinator, Shaklee Corp., Ossining, NY

"I have read your book and have found that everything you have written about, I have experienced, either myself or with new Associates. I would definitely recommend to any new Associate in my business to read this book to get acquainted with the Mindset they need to work on to make it in this business. It is a true testament of what a successful entrepreneur has to build upon and not let anything get him/her of their path. Thank you for putting it out there!" P.S. The Prospecting Survival Guide looks amazing. I can't wait.
--Ilona Dominguez, Senior Marketing Director, Transamerica Financial Advisors, Pompton Lakes, NJ

"Jay Maymi has presented a thoughtful, practical approach to the world of networking and marketing. Not only are there some smart and intellectual tips on how to proceed, but he has given the reader some space to do some "fancy thinking!" It is a "must read" for young and old, venturing into any area of sales with any product. It is even more valuable if you "read before you start!" This 66 page primer is packed with great ideas. I have given it to my sons and daughter and they raved about it!"
 --Gerry Dankowski, GRI
 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Ridgefield, CT

"Thank you for your time and training on prospecting. I have put into action several of your suggestions and have had great results. Thank you for pushing us to look outside the box. For me I never knew how to use Linked In. I thought it was a waste of time. So definitely a new perspective."
--Cynthia Frunzi, World Financial Group
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